Hello! Welcome to the New elwood-babbitt.com website. The website has been years in the making and we just redesigned it to make it more inviting and comfortable to read. In addition to text  that outlines the life of “The Medium of Massachusetts”, we are also offering updated podcasts of Babbitt’s many lectures.

Elwood Babbitt was a psychic, clairvoyant and trance medium who lived in Western Massachusetts. During his life, he had a family,loved music, animals,nature and of course his collection of jukeboxes!

Babbitt’s material was first chronicled by the late Professor Charles Hapgood in three books:  VOICES OF SPIRIT,THE GOD WITHIN and TALKS WITH CHRIST.  Babbitt channelled hundreds of entities. Much effort has been made to preserve Babbitt’s work over the years.

This is some of the foremost spiritual guidance of our age. The philosophy and information is timeless. Past lives, politics, philosophy,religion,spiritual development, universal laws,the meaning of color,health issues, sexuality and many more topics  offer unconventional remedies for human suffering..

There is a reason for everything,Babbitt used to say and many reasons for life’s conditions are given in the podcasts coming from truthful and esoteric sources.