Welcome to the Official website of Elwood Babbitt.

Elwood Babbitt was a psychic, clairvoyant and trance medium who lived in Western Massachusetts. He had a family, loved music, nature and people and of course his collection of jukeboxes!The material that is contained in this website is over 40 years of collection of lectures by Elwood Babbitt and the entities that came through him to speak on various topics. In addition to textual material that outlines the life of “The Medium of Massachusetts”, we also offer podcasts of his many lectures.

Babbitt’s material was first chronicled by Charles Hapgood in 3 books. VOICES of SPIRIT, THE GOD WITHIN and TALKS WITH CHRIST. He channeled dozens of entities. Much effort has been made to preserve Babbitt’s work over the years. Over one hundred and fifty tapes are in the collection of Babbitt’s lectures and channeled material. This is some of the foremost spiritual guidance of our age and the philosophy and information are timeless. Past lives, politics, religion, spiritual development, universal laws, the meaning of color, health issues, sexuality, and many more topics offer “off the charts” remedies for human suffering. There is a reason for everything, Babbitt used to say and many “reasons’ for life’s conditions are given in these podcasts coming from a truthful and esoteric source. 5 books have been published about Babbitt’s work. They will be listed on the site. His last book, WISDOM of the MASTERS will be available in 2011.

As you peruse the site, you’ll have an opportunity to download selected podcasts which are free of charge. We will post about twenty podcasts at a time,then change them from time to time, offering varied topics. However, maintenance of this, as any website is costly, so we are inviting you to donate to our effort by placing a “donation box” on the site. We want to reach out all listeners and viewers. I have created a blog for any feedback and commentary about any of the lectures. I will post commentaries on the blog and invite you to participate in discussion. Also there is an Elwood Babbitt page on Facebook  where I (Daria Babbitt) will make announcements about new material on the site or interesting facts about Babbitt’s life. We will also offer links to other interesting sites in the areas of spiritual development. Please join me on Facebook on the Elwood Babbitt Group and join is in the monthly group chat.

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