What is Trance Mediumship?

Mediumship is the ability to communicate with spirit entities, guides, friends, masters and loved ones. Every individual has the ability to be a “medium” for spirit communication. Artists and poets often draw or use words inspired by spiritual forces to convey a message.

Sometimes people just get an idea or a thought or an answer to a question followed by a chilly sensation down the spine. Some people get streams of words in their minds that they can write down and others get images which is called clairvoyance. Mdiumship is the use of the 5 spiritual senses along with the 5 material senses.(taste, touch, smell sight and inner “feeling) Some individuals walk into a room and “feel” the presence of a spirit in their solar plexus region.
Others may walk into a room and “see intheir minds eye(third eye) an image which may accompany a strong presence of a spiritual being in the room. Yet, another may walk into a room and smell a strong odor that would have pertained to an individual who lived in that room before heshe passed away. Most people have had some of these experiences in their lifetime.

Today often, spirit communication is called “channeling”. This is a condition where an entity may partially take over the use of the larynx, part of the medium’s body while the medium is still in the body. There are different degrees of channeling. Most people who “channel” do not remember what the entity has said while using their body. Oters may remember some of the message. Usually channeling happens when a spirit entity wishes to convety amessage to an individual or a group of people.

Trance mediumship is usually a condition where an entity takes over the use of the medium’s body and the medium does not remember the message given by the entity but the medium is still in hisher body. Full trance mediumship is when the spirit of the medium leaves hisher body and an entity takes full control of the body and when the entity is finsihed speaking, the medium returns to hisher body. The idea of “leaving the body ” is common. Our dreams are actually the process of us leaving the body at night so the spirit can gain nourishment in spirit or receive fron spirit guides. Full trance mediums can leave the body at will when an entity needs to deliver a message.

In the case of Elwood Babbitt, he was a full trance medium. He also had two guides (Dr.Fischer and Jim Cole) who guarded Elwood’s body from any unwanted or negative force taking over. Ifsomeone requested That Elwood “bring in” a specific entity, it may take weeks for Cole and Fischer to find the requested spirit. It was never an easy task.

If anyone is working with mediumship, it is always very important to protect oneself before opening to spirit forces as sometimes negative forces can come in. It is important before taking on any mediumship task, to be in apositve frame of mind and annouce oneself in the “christ Force’ That is the force of unconditional love which keeps only positive energies flowing near a medium.

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