Most people don’t like to wait.  Some think it is boring.  I think we can cultivate an enjoyment in waiting.  Since many of us are so goal oriented, we tend to block out the life around ua, thinking about what we are waiting for or waiting to do.  Waiting is like pauses in between thoughts; the empty space that has a million ;possibilities.  The space between the exhale and the inhale. Those are the times when our inspiration or inner direction comes.  our culture(and believe me, I am guilty of this)  tends to focus on certain tasks, or things or objectives more important than others.

The word equanimity comes to mind; treating everything as equal.  it is feeling that everything around us is deserving of our time and attention.  It is taking our waiting time to soak up life’s smaller moments.  Being busy with specific things is good but I have been training myself to open up o the more silent world that waits for our attention- a bird waiting for food at the bird feeder, a dish waiting to be washed, a plant silently calling out for a little more water or a knick-knack waiting to be picked up and admired.  These gestures have infinite dimensions to them once they are activated by your attention, even if it is for a second.  Now while I am waiting to become in sired for my next post, go enjoy the little things..a thought..a dream unfinished.  Therein lies abundance!

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