Thanks for visiting the website of Elwood Babbitt, the Medium of Massachusets.

Elwood channeled many entities throughout the years. All the channeling sessions were tape recorded.  With the help of a few dedicated people, the recorded tapes have been transcribed , edited and are in the process of being converted into .mp3 files. It is a long and tedious process. We are currently working hard to create a complete  audio archive of .mp3 (pods) for you to listen to. This is an ongoing process, so please bear with us. Many pods are available now under the Podcasts. We will be updating with new pods every few months.

The Member Only section should be available soon. Your membership will help us to recover costs associated with maintaining and updating  Elwood’s website.  You can also follow on Facebook and Twitter. Daria is adding some of Elwood’s quotes and sayings, along with photos and other tidbits. on Facebook on a regular basis.

Again, thanks for visiting…. Enjoy!

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