With a Grateful Heart

I first met Elwood in his log cabin while he gave an insightful reading in trance from Dr. Fisher. The following three readings came from another voice (one even Elwood was delighted to meet). With my permission and through gentle instructions, my life’s work was foretold. Through this guidance, I created the LOVE Center in New York, providing teaching, giving readings, and doing trance work. Elwood was a regular visitor at the Center and my home. Through long evening discussions, I learned so much and was thrilled to have the opportunity to pass this on to all my students.

Most of my students also had readings with Elwood. All of his books are a part of each one’s library. They continue to guide and to inspire us to seek more of our own spiritual awareness. Still delighting in quoting Elwood, his lingering words are part of my fondest memories, especially--SPONTANEITY.

I had the pleasure of working directly with Elwood on many occasions at the LOVE Center and through several guest appearances when we lectured and did trance work together; it was always a thrill for me.

Elwood is also responsible for a yearly reunion that the LOVE Center group started over 14 years ago. He called to invite me to work with him in Vermont. At that news, all my then Memphis students wanted to join me because it offered them an opportunity to have a reading with him. Hearing this, my New York group also joined us and thus beginning the annual reunion. Thrilled but unable to join us in Virginia due to ill health, Elwood always wanted a full report as to what we had done. He loved seeing people opening to spirit.

Elwood, a rather simple man with no ego around him, was just ‘doing the work’. Even though his personal life had many ups and downs, you never heard a bitter word. He had a wonderful sense of humor and adored teasing. His trance work was second only to Edgar Cayce, yet I felt he never got the recognition he so fully deserved. Charles Hapgood tried through the books they wrote together. If he had had the exposure like so many today, everyone would know and love this spiritual man. More truth than fiction would be shared through his knowledge.

I have missed him so much since he returned to spirit; he was never further away than the telephone for me. He always wanted to know ‘what are you up to’ and willingly gave advice when needed. Now modern day technology is providing the opportunity for many to meet and know Elwood's lifetime work. I am delighted to be a part of presenting this work through this book to all readers.

With a grateful heart,
Mama Ellie Fristensky