One Little Thought\ Awakening to our Spirit Guides

Wherever we go and whatever we do, we are always aided and assisted by our spirit guides. They are teachers, students, loved ones and many we have known in previous lives.¬† In their effort to grow spiritually, they have chosen our life on earth to learn about themselves and evolve just as we are.¬† Just because a Master is in our field of guides, doesn’t mean that Master,because he\she is a Master ,has nothing to learn.¬† Quite the opposite!¬† All guides love to learn and find it extremely important to absorb our many adventures to aid in the great circle of Oneness to perpetuate the love and compassion we seek.

Our guides come to us in many ways. In some cases a loved one who has just passed may move an article of furniture to get our attention..that is rare and very dramatic.¬† Most of the time our guides will lead us to something in nature that will give us an impression of¬† its presence…the wind suddenly gusts, a flower bends toward us, a sudden thought of a particular name keeps going over and over in¬†our head or a beautiful cloud formation may give¬†us an impression of a spirit presence.¬† Everyone is a medium and in his or her own way¬† can find guides.¬† In my past experience, I¬† felt the presence of a man near me and I had the urge to write down the thoughts in my head.¬† I did so and the writings continued.¬† Later I had an out-of-the-body experience where I saw and heard my guide’s name. I then was lucky enough to have him speak through my late¬†husband,Elwood Babbitt.¬† I was astonished to know that by one little thought that I had about writing, blossomed into this wonderful experience, where I reunited with Cornelius whom I had known in Roman times!

I have since become acquainted with more of my guides.  They let me know they are there and guides can advise us of our abilities, our purpose here on earth, our mission, our health and our inner development.  It is common to hear a voice that is our guide speaking to us.  That is real fun to hear a spirit voice as clearly as you hear your own.   Our psychic faculties are there and our guides will use all of them to speak to us.  We may smell coffee in the daytime..a reminder that our grandmother is near, we may touch a book and get a feeling that a loved one is begging us to read it. Each of our senses has a corresponding psychic sense.  Some of us may have clairvoyant abilities where we can see our guides.  Being psychic is the way by which we lose that feeling of being separate from life.  Attuning to everything in a gentle and loving manner encourages our guides to draw near. they love music too!

Our guides work VERY hard for us and do amazing things to help us accomplish the good things in life.¬† it’s the little things that count.¬†Let’s¬† invite them to our world and we can become more attuned to the life around us!


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