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The material that is contained in this website is a a 40 year collection of lectures by Elwood Babbitt and the entities that came through him to speak on various topics.  However before these entities could come through Babbitt, two of his spirit guides had to approve of which entities were to enter his body.

Introduction to Audio Material

This section is background information on the various Spirit Doctors with accompanying audio files. Audio files are being replaced with new updated podcast format… coming soon.

JIM COLE:  Jim Cole is one of the spirit engineers needed to transform the energies so that the  spirit doctors can enter and utilize Mr. Babbitt’s body for communication with us. He has never had a physical body in the sense that we think of one, but he is so close to the earth plane, that if needed he could materialize one out of thin air.

EDGAR CAYCE:   Edgar Cayce was born on March 18,1877 and lived in Hopkinsville, KY and died in July of 1945.  Edgar Cayce was one of this century’s greatest prophets and clairvoyants.  Collaborating with the spirit of Dr. Seymour Weiss, Cayce’s mediumship enabled Dr. Weiss to diagnose illness and suggest remedies. Cayce also provided Life Readings for thousands of people.

ALBERT EINSTEIN:   Albert Einstein was born on March 14,1879 and passed away on April 18, 1955 and lived in Princeton,NJ. Einstein is best known for his scientific work concerning his general theory of relativity.  Einstein was also concerned about the political persecutions in Europe during the 1930’s and eventually came to the United States.  He was instrumental in America’s efforts to develop the atomic bomb but urged against its use.  In many of his lectures he stressed the need for peaceful co-existence and he was concerned that improper use of atomic energy could destroy humankind.

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FREDERICK FISCHER: Dr. Fischer was incarnate during the 1800’s in London England. He was an accomplished physician and psychiatrist of his time and he taught at London College. Though he was a member of the Church of England, he was familiar with other religions as well.  Through his own observations and psychic experiences, he concluded that organized religion served only to instill fear in humanity by its domination of the population concerning that which people should believe, and how they should believe in it.  Dr. Fischer is the main control of Mr. Babbitt’s body and ensures that the trance sessions go well.

EDWARD FOOTE: Dr. Foot lived during the 1800’s in London, England. Dr. Foote wrote a medical encyclopedia which included information on herbology, homeopathy, acupuncture, what would today be considered psychiatry and other medical information. Some attention was placed on the connection between emotional attitudes of the patient and the medical conditions which resulted.

LUCANUS:  Lucanus was a physician during the time of Christ in the Roman Empire.  He studied at the Alexandria University in Alexandria, Egypt.  Luke was an agnostic, cursing a personified god who would allow people to suffer; many of his patients being slaves on galley ships.  Although he never met Jesus, he had heard of Jesus’ tremendous healing power.  Luke recalls his personal experience with healing power.  “In the University of Alexandria, I was about to perform an operation, there was a tremendous flow of energy through my body and a complete transformation of the patient to a perfect health picture.” (From Talks With Christ\ Elwood Babbitt and Charles Hapgood). [s3bubbleAudioSingle bucket=”elwoodpods” track=”Talks with Christ 13.mp3″ autoplay=”false” download=”true” style=”bar” preload=”none”/]

DR.FU MAN LU:  Dr. Fu Man Lu lived in the Chunking and Shanghai areas of China at the beginning of the China Empire period.  He was a personal physician to the Emperors of the time and was well known for his cures and help with healing. He used his clairvoyance and other abilities to diagnose the medical problems of his patient.  He seems to have had a fairly long lifetime, traveled extensively and served many houses of royalty.  He used herbology, acupuncture and psychiatry to aid his patients.

JAMES PORTER MILLS; James Porter Mills lived in the late 1800’s in the mid-western United States.  He practiced homeopathy and early psychiatry.  He noted the connection between mental attitude and body conditions.

James Porter Mills\Concentration and Extraction\Mind training\Positive Thinking

James Porter Mills\Six Treatments\Positive Thinking

James Porter Mills\ Law of Denial and Affirmation\Power of Right Thought

WILHELM REICH: (March 24 1897-November 3,1957)  Wilhelm Reich was born in Galicia(Austro-HungarianEmpire).  Reich was a student of Sigmund Freud but eventually broke from Freud due to differences of opinion with his mentor. Reich felt that Freud delt with sexual abnormalities, but failed to define what should be normal behavior.  Reich set out to define normal behavior and to study the interaction between the orgasm and psyche.

In the studies and work of Dr. Reich can be recognized the observation upon which his work was based; that diseases and malfunctions of the body are directly related to emotional states of mind especially when the emotions are blocked and therefore creating imbalances in both behavior and physical functions.  His life’s work dealt with the sexuality of man and how his denial of the pleasure and the emotional release of orgasm was the main cause of social and psychological disorders of both sexes.

Reich observed that when pleasure was experienced a specific energy was released which he eventually called Orgone Energy. Dr. Reich believed that in pleasure, an electrical charge (which he called bioelectrical energy)  was built up at the skin’s surface.  Using a galvanometer, he observed that the greater the pleasure, the higher the electrical charge.  Furthermore, in unpleasant situations, the charge disappeared.  Reich went on to study Orgone Energy in other forms of life.

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ROYAL RIFE: Dr. Rife was born in 1888 in California and passed away in 1971. Dr. Rife discovered a cure for cancer in the 1930’s.  According to the work of Dr. Rife, each cell, when healthy, has a particular vibrational frequency which changes when diseased.  He created a variable field polarized light microscope to study the effects of radiation on an organism. His discoveries led to the development of a machine for the treatment of his patients. This “frequency instrument” consisted of a variable frequency oscillator which generated a specific frequency  which varied depending on the disease) and in the fashion of a radio transmitter “radiated” to his patient the desired frequency of energy.  As further described in Barry Lyne’s book The Rife Report, “With this instrument no tissue is destroyed, no noise is audible, and neither pain nor sensation is felt.  A tube lights up and in three minutes the treatment is complete. The virus or bacteria is destroyed, and the body naturally recovers from the toxic effects of the virus or bacteria. Several diseases may be treated simultaneously.”  Through the years of patient research and what seems to be gifted inspiration, Dr. Rife claims he found a cure for cancer.  However his efforts were foiled by the established medical hierarchy of his time; he was put in jail and most of his instruments and notes were destroyed.

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Dr. Rife:  7-26-90 Further discussions on Vibrations, Thoughts and Cellular Health.

Dr. Rife\5-17-91\ Reincarnation

Dr. Rife\ 5-30-92 Further discussions of his inventions

Dr. Rife\ 6-5-91 Rife answers questions regarding Chakras, Herbs, Disease, Removal of Negativity, Wind Cures, Modern Foods, Abortion

DR SEYMOUR WEISS; Dr. Weiss was born in the 1800’s and lived in New England in the US.  He was considered ahead of his time and had clairvoyant abilities.  He had factual accounts of the different layers of (what Dr. Reich called Orgone Energy) and all things connected to the mystical side of life. [s3bubbleAudioSingle bucket=”elwoodpods” track=”Dr Seymour Weiss (Edgar Cayce’s control) 3-20-93.mp3″ autoplay=”false” download=”true” style=”bar” preload=”none”/]

DR WICKLAND: Dr. Wickland   lived during the 1920’s and30’s.  His work was the forerunner of electroshock therapy.  Working with his wife who was a trance medium, he used a form of electroshock therapy quite different of that being practiced today in that he used the electrical shocks to charge the vibrational energy of the spirit entity which had temporarily entered his wife’s body.  By administering electrical shocks to the spirit which was inhabiting the body of his wife, he was able to change the energy and the vibrational status of the entity from negative astral to positive astral. This  therapy later used on mentally ill patients, not in  use today, was used to help others who were dealing with the conditions of obsession or possession by entities who were imbalanced by what could be referred to as the “deadly sins”.

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SCHULTZ: Dr. Schultz was a main healing doctor   in spirit that worked with Mr. Babbitt .

Dr. Fischer:  Dr. Frederick Fischer  was Babbitt’s guide since Babbitt was born. Fischer  lived on the earth in the 1800’s( You can read about Dr. Fischer  in Babbitt’s book, VOICES of SPIRIT). Fischer guided Babbitt into making many of his life decisions including the decision to serve in WW2. Later Dr. Fischer helped “guard the gate” which means that Fischer made sure that no negative entities came through Babbitt. Great preparation was made to make sure any transmission was safe and that the energies were compatible with Babbitt’s body and electrical frequencies were adjusted correctly.  That job was designated to Jim Cole. Jim Cole has never taken a physical body. He was  Babbitt’s guide who made sure the chemistries of the transmissions were safe and compatible, so that the words flowed smoothly and that there were no interruptions in the vibrations that comprised the ability to make itself manifest to the audience. Transmissions such as these take great preparation. For example, if  a person requested to talk to an entity, it would take Cole and Fischer a couple of weeks to find the entity, get their OK on coming through Babbitt, sometimes having to teach the new entity how to come through Babbitt, plus arrange all the translation to English language (if the entity was a foreign born person..like Nostradamus, Khalil Gibran or Einstein).  See what I mean! Some people have the mistaken idea that just because we are dealing with the spirit world, that things happen instantaneously in this regard. Indeed as here, preparation is a must to insure that safety to Babbitt’s body and smooth transmission is accomplished. Great appreciation is owed to these two entities.

Fischer\Cole\Cayce\Einstein\Foote\Wickland\ Various topics

Babbitt gradually worked on his abilities over the years of his life. He always had the gift of mediumship since he was a child, however it was not honed when he was young.  For example , when Babbitt was a boy, he went to church with his parents one morning and while coming out of the church, an Indian came right into Babbitt’s body and spoke about “who was sleeping with who “ Apparently a lot was happening among the parishioners that Church officials didn’t want aired!  From that point on, Fischer and Cole began working with Babbitt to regulate who came in and when. The Indian was not a negative force, but came in unannounced. Later more expansive and highly evolved entities began to come through Babbitt and deliver messages of a deeper philosophical nature.

There is a lot of discussion today about mediumship or “channeling”.   There are different gradients of mediumship. Some mediums are controlled by their voice box only. Other go into a light trance but the medium is still consciously in their own body. A “deep trance” medium like Edgar Cayce and Elwood Babbitt had the ability where their spirit completely leaves the body and the entity can take complete control of the body.

Charles Hapgood: Charles Hapgood was a historian and anthropologist with a keen interest in the action of tectonic plates of the earth. Charles’ legacy is the book he wrote outlining his theory of earth crust displacement . The book is entitled Earth Shifting Crust” and is featured in the movie “2012”.  Charles began expressing interest in paranormal and metaphysical activities when he met Babbitt. Skeptical at first of possible chicanery, Hapgood  questioned and worked with Babbitt  and found him to be a  genuine psychic and medium. He wrote three books about Babbitt’s work:  VOICES of SPIRIT, THE GOD WITHIN and TALKS WITH CHRIST.  Some of the podcasts you will hear include Charles interviewing various entities as well as deep discussion with Babbitt.

The Vishnu Force:  One of the energies that Charles interviewed was The Vishnu Force. The Vishnu Force is explained in the book “The God Within”.  Rather than an entity, the Vishnu Force represents the Godhead of spiritual attainment and self realization. Not advertising itself as a personality, this force speaks of gaining spiritual development to self realization through the observance of 7 Immutable Laws and positive, correct thinking. Some of the podcasts are interviews between Charles and the Vishnu Force.  It took Cole and Fischer countless weeks to prepare Babbitt’s body and the chemistries to line up the proper frequencies so that the tremendous power of this force could be translated into words for the public. At one point the energy became too intense for Babbitt’s body and he broke out in sores and became almost fatally ill. However the guides were able to adjust the chemistries back to balance.

The Christ Force: The Christ is a force, not necessarily the person of Jesus Christ, although Jesus himself speaks in this book and on the podcasts. He makes sure to remind mankind to look to the Christ within and not become attached to the personality of Jesus in the way of worship.  Charles is the interviewer of these lectures. These lectures are available in book form “Talks With Christ”.

If some of these greater entities came through like the Christ Force, Krishna or Vishnu, Dr. Fischer or Jim Cole would often come in to introduce these energies. When the entity was finished, the energies were “brought down” as to balance the vibrations of the transmission by way of Sam Clemens. Sam Clemens aka Mark Twain came through valiantly serving as “the comic” to bring the audience “down to earth” and balance the energies so that Babbitt’s body could resume its normal functions when he came back.

Life Readings:  Usually when a person came to Babbitt for a “life reading” Dr. Fischer would come through for that purpose. The reading would include a person’s past lives, their aura colors, their present spiritual development and their health. Many of these podcasts especially the earlier ones including Charles Hapgood  have, as well as lectures, life readings for Charles and others in the room which are very interesting and very significant . Some of the other later audio material consists of  “mini” life readings in a public lecture as well. Some of the entities that came through Babbitt that may be familiar names were:

  • Krishna
  • Lyndon Johnson
  • Jesus
  • Vishnu Force
  • Richard Nixon
  • Various Masters
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Mahatma Ghandi
  • Wil Rogers
  • Albert Einstein
  • Khalil Gibran
  • Edgar Cayce
  • Bertrand Russell
  • Edward Murrow
  • Margaret Mead
  • Dr. Wilhelm Reich
  • Oliver Wendell Holmes
  • Dr. Royal Rife
  • Socrates
  • Plato
  • Sam Clemens

The information provided on this website should not be construed as personal medical advice or instruction. No action should be taken based solely on the contents of this site. Readers should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well being.