About Elwood Babbitt

elwood2Elwood Babbitt was born on November 26, 1921 in Orange, Massachusetts to Roy and Alma Babbitt.  Babbitt’s father was a machinist at Starrett Tool Co. in Athol, Mass. His mother was a homemaker. He had one brother Raymond with whom he was close. Young Babbitt recognized his clairvoyant gifts since he was a child, often seeing spirit children in the trees. Feeling very comfortable with these gifts, Babbitt began having episodes of mediumship when he was a young teenager.  Sometimes an Indian spirit would speak through him unannounced. This concerned Babbitt as well as his family, as the entity that spoke through Babbitt often spoke of other individual’s private matters, resulting in some embarrassment.

Babbitt’s spirit guides, Dr. Fischer and Jim Cole helped Babbitt with his gift.  Dr. Fischer acted as the “gatekeeper” so as any negative spirit would not enter his body. Also, Dr. Fischer kept order in the sequence and timing of when different entities could come through to best serve individuals. Jim Cole was what Babbitt called “a chemist” which meant that Cole was there to constantly adjust the various vibrational frequencies needed to keep a balance with the entities that came through and the exchange of energies to Babbitt’s body. This would serve as a much needed function when entities of a stronger and more accelerated frequency wanted to come through.

In 1940 Babbitt served in WW2 as a Marine in the Second Division. He witnessed the Battles at Pearl Harbor, New Hebredes, Guadlcanal and Saipan amongst others. Awhile after Babbitt came home, he married Emily Larsen of Athol, Massachusetts. They had three children and they lived in Northfield, Massachusetts on a farm. While the children grew up Babbitt saw many people who wanted “life readings”. Babbitt usually went into trance and Dr. Fischer came through speaking about a person’s health, past lives and spiritual development and where they were headed in their lives. These readings proved to help many people grappling with inner questions.

During the 1970’s Babbitt became spiritual counselor to a commune called The Brotherhood of the Spirit located in Warwick, Mass. Averting themselves from a solely materialistic life, BOS members pledged no drugs, alchohol or promiscuity led by a young man named Mike Metellica. The main purpose of the commune was to seek inner spiritual values and learn from the intuitive forces in a balance with outer forms of education. Many members created businesses, worked on the land, conducted meditation and healing classes and served in various aspects of the community.

Also, Babbitt founded the Caduceus School along with a few educators that sought Babbitt out. The purpose of Caduceus School was to allow young students to approach learning from what their interests were rather than a mechanistic, or textbook way taught in most public schools. Some students found public school difficult, and Caduceus School had more to offer in allowing them the freedom to choose more of their curriculum.  The teachers at Caduceus were encouraged to allow the students to pick from the day’s classes according to their prerogative at each day. English, Reading, Math, Dance , Theater, Music, Art, Writing and Cooking were a few of the classes offered. Caduceus served about 50 students who rotated to different homes each day for their classes.  This effort was one of the pioneer examples that spurred the beginnings of home schooling in this area. Caduceus School was  in operation from 1972 to approximately 1978.

Babbitt also had a key partner in Charles Hapgood. Charles Hapgood was a archeologist and historian who came to Babbitt ,interested in his abilities. A strong friendship grew and Hapgood ended up co-authoring 3 books with Babbitt LINK. Hapgood worked with Babbitt from 1969 until 1985 when unfortunately Hapgood was killed by an automobile.

In 1978 Babbitt married his second wife and they had a daughter. During these years Babbitt traveled to cities across the country giving lectures and life readings. In 1992, after his previous marriage failed, he married Daria Nielson and they lived in Orange, Massachusetts. They moved several times, ending up in Cabot, Vermont. Again the couple travelled to many cities where Babbitt gave lectures and trance demonstrations to interested people.

Since Babbitt fought in WW2 he was exposed to cordite poisoning which impaired his lung capacity. He was a victim of COPD  (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). He was admitted to the VA hospital many times for breathing difficulties. Finally in April 25, 2001, he passed away from complications with lung cancer.

The following is written by By ROGER LeCOURS.

The Early Years

The War Year’s

After the War

Life with Emily

Charles Hapgood Enters

Life Altering Changes